Charlie Radcliffe has more than 15 years’ experience optimising CPRI for European financial institutions, as well as arranging cover for innovative transactions and special situations in developing markets. In September 2022, he was appointed Deputy CEO.

Radcliffe, alongside joint Deputy CEO James Reynolds, is involved in managing strategic and operational matters across the Group, while working closely and directly with some of BPL’s largest clients. He sits on the Group Board, as well as the board of Berry Palmer & Lyle SAS.

A regular on the CPRI conference circuit, Radcliffe frequently lends his wide-ranging expertise to educative, advocacy and product initiatives for the benefit of banks, development companies and corporates operating across Europe. Radcliffe is highly respected in the market – even topping an overall ranking of leading London brokers conducted by Insurindex.

In particular, he leverages his strong market network to push CPRI to new heights and enhance how financial institutions use it – beyond straightforward risk mitigation and capital efficiency to support increased lending activity – through new product applications and expanded offerings. In recent years, he has focused on anticipating and servicing the needs of French, German and other European clients.

Having started his career at BPL in 2008 focused on German exporters and pure political risk, he took responsibility for developing a key French bank client of the market as well as a number of development finance institutions, including support in placing the first cross-currency repo transaction in Kenya – establishing a blueprint for more robust, stable and inclusive interbank market initiatives in the country.

Radcliffe is fluent in German having studied the language at Edinburgh University before obtaining a Masters in Modern Languages from Oxford University. He is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute.