In the most recent edition of GTR’s series about inspirational women in trade finance, Sanne Wass talks to Sian Aspinall, BPL Global’s Managing Director, about her career success and how the industry can best tackle any gender bias.

Having worked within credit and political risk insurance for almost 30 years – starting as a political risk broker at Investment Insurance International, before working for the likes of Zurich and AIG – she carved out an impressive reputation within an industry renowned for its macho culture.

As a mother of two, Aspinall decided to step back and concentrate on achieving a better work-life balance – which consultancy allowed her to do. However, in 2014, BPL Global asked her to join them. “They approached me knowing they would have to offer a job on a flexible basis, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do it,” she says. “So I had an understanding employer. It made a massive difference, and for me it is worth so much company loyalty.”

In late 2015, Aspinall took on the of role managing director.

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