BPL Global’s deputy chairman, Anthony Palmer, moderated two panels at a political risk insurance seminar organised by The Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEiK) in Istanbul on 30th June 2011. The other panel was moderated by BPL Global’s Turkish correspondent, Arzu Geerding of Brokers’ House.

The seminar was attended by over a hundred of Turkey’s leading exporters and contractors, and resulted from a recent DEiK survey indicating that there was a lack of awareness of political risk insurance among its membership.

The panellists included Louis Bedoucha of MIGA, George Bolton of ACE, Khosro Rashid of ICIEC, Emre Serifoglu of Zurich, Alev Arkan of Türk Eximbank, Sylvia Greisman of Unistrat Coface, and Nick Robinson of Marketform.

DEiK was formed in 1988 and its president is also president of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.