In a move signalling its evolution, the world’s leading credit and political risk insurance (CPRI) broker has today announced that the BPL Global brand has undergone a small but significant transformation – and is now simply “BPL”.

In recent years BPL has grown significantly, welcomed many new faces and undergone some changes in leadership – all the while, working at the heart of efforts to drive CPRI development and proliferation. As such, the business is taking the opportunity to mark the development of its business and to assert its market-leading position through the evolution of its brand.

James Esdaile, Chairman, BPL, said: “The transition feels like a natural progression. Most within our market have long referred to us as “BPL” – and given our business has always been shaped by our clients, it is only fitting that we embrace this identity to represent more closely who we are and where we are headed.

Sian Aspinall, CEO, BPL, added: “Of course, we remain very much global in all but name and will continue to operate across our offices in London, New York, Singapore, Paris, Hong Kong and Geneva. Our core values, too, remain untouched. What this change signifies is our next chapter – and our commitment to quality, innovation, and exceeding the expectations of our partners and stakeholders. We cannot wait to introduce them to the new BPL.