BPL Global has once again been recognised as the industry’s leading specialist insurance broker after being elected Best Trade Credit Broker by readers of Trade & Forfaiting Review, and winner of the magazine’s ‘Gold’ award for excellence.

Charles Berry, Chairman of BPL Global, commented: “We are most grateful to the readers of Trade & Forfaiting Review for choosing BPL Global as the winner of its 2012 Excellence award for best trade credit insurance broker.

We are delighted that TFR’s readers have recognized the important role the political risk insurance (PRI) market plays in providing specialty comprehensive trade credit insurance policies for both short term and medium & long term (MLT) business to traders, exporters and banks.

We are particularly pleased to receive this award at a time when the financial crisis in Europe and the political turmoil in the MENA region have put trade credit insurance under the spotlight.

We are proud that the specialty PRI market, with which we have become synonymous, has functioned normally and performed well throughout the crisis – paying claims, continuing to write its non-cancelable policies, and increasing its capacity.  The specialty PRI market continues to grow – as do we, as our recent expansion into the Asia-Pacific region demonstrates.

The global environment remains challenging.  However we are determined to continue to support our clients, who trade, lend and invest into the emerging growth markets, by providing effective and cost-effective trade credit and political risk policies from the specialty insurance markets.”

This is the second award BPL Global has received in 2012, coming soon after winning an Award for Excellence from Trade Finance magazine in June.