BPL Global is dedicated to supporting charities and causes, both locally and internationally, which address pressing societal and economic issues.

One of the initiatives that has recently caught our attention and support is Insulate Ukraine – a project that temporarily restores bomb-damaged windows in homes and municipal buildings across war-torn Ukraine, while investing in people, boosting employment, stimulating commerce, and fostering energy efficiency. As the project’s first corporate sponsor, we were privileged to contribute to this rapidly growing initiative that is changing lives in some of the worst hit regions in Ukraine, including in Lyman – a city which sits on the Eastern Front and is one of the worst affected areas of the country. This initiative paves the way for an improved quality of life for the residents of Lyman, offering them a sense of security in these challenging times.

(Credit: Insulate Ukraine)

As of today, Insulate Ukraine has installed 745 windows in 110 homes, as part of its project in the city of Lyman. With these windows, the wellbeing of over 160 people has been positively impacted, their homes now receiving natural light and insulation from the colder months ahead. The team is working towards its target of 1200 windows, with five people on the ground installing windows, backed by BPL Global’s recent donation.

We look forward to continuing to support Insulate Ukraine over the coming months, as it looks to expand its work into further towns and cities in eastern Ukraine.

To find out more about Insulate Ukraine and how you can support the project, visit the website or follow them on Instagram.

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