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The latest from BPL

Visible reward for an invisible export

“Visible reward for an invisible export”, Lloyd’s List, 29 June 2006, James Brewer. Read article

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Challenging exposure

“Challenging exposure”, Trade Finance, July/August 2006, Oliver O’Connell Read article

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Why BPL Global rejects incentive commissions and PSAs

In this letter to clients, written amid the controversy following the New York Attorney General’s investigation into the conduct of one of the larger broking firms, Charles Berry reaffirms BPL Global’s role as agent exclusively of its clients, and why incentive commissions and ‘placement services agreements’ (PSAs) offered by insurers are incompatible with this role.

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BPL upholds its duty as agent of the insured

In this article in Business Insurance magazine BPL declares its rejection of contingent commissions, as it regards them as incompatible with the broker’s duty as agent of the insured. Read article

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BPL declares against contingent commissions

In this article in the Financial Times, BPL declares its long-standing opposition to the practice of receiving contingent commissions and its rejection of such commissions. Read article

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